Young Investigators

Judy Harris Helm, Lilian Katz

P/B • 20.96 x 1.27 x 26.67 cm • 133 pages
ISBN 9780807740163

The Project Approach in the Early Years (Early Childhood Education Series)

This work aims to illustrate how children – even those considered “at-risk” – may benefit from the exploratory and child-initiated nature of project investigations in order to achieve mastery of basic literacy skills. It also presents student-initiated learning as a starting point for dynamic and responsive teaching. The story of how projects emerge, develop, and culminate is told through a combination of teacher interviews and vivid accounts of classroom practice. Building upon inclusionary and child-centred practices, the authors offer a much-needed perspective on the pre-primary years. Key features include: an emphasis on how teachers solve the practical problems of doing projects with young children, including selecting topics, organizing the classroom, setting up field visits, encouraging children to represent what they are learning, and involving parents; chapters written from practice, including some in full colour; examples of children’s art and writing; classroom materials; and a step-by-step guide for teachers to use in guiding and documenting projects.

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