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Reimagining Heartbreak: An Educator’s Journey to Reclaim Whole-Heartedness

by Shelley Brandon, edited by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter

$45.00 (incl GST)

Leading with Heart and Soul

Toni Christie

$34.95 (incl GST)

Respect And Relationships

Toni Christie

$39.95 (incl GST)

Rituals: making the everyday extraordinary in early childhood

Memory Lyon & Toni Christie

$49.95 (incl GST)

Documenting Children’s Learning: Disrupting the myths

Kelly Goodsir and Anne Houghton

$57.00 (incl GST)

Social Justice and Diversity in Early Childhood

Social Justice and Diversity in Early Childhood – eBook

Compiled by: Dr Stefania Giamminuti

$66.00 (incl GST)

The Role of the Pedagogista in Reggio Emilia: Voices and ideas for a dialectic educational experience

Stefania Giamminuti, Paola Cagliari, Claudia Giudici and Paola Strozzi

$75.00 (incl GST)

Beyond the Gate by Pademelon Press

Author of the month

Claire Warden and Doug Fargher

Claire Warden is an educational entrepreneur, researcher and author. Claire shares her wisdom and thinking through her prolific writing. Her work around planning with and for children through Floorbooks has earned her international recognition as a pioneer in actively standing for the rights of children to be heard in all aspects of their lives inside buildings, outside in play environments and beyond the gate into spaces where there is a greater sense of wildness.

Her life journey has taken her through working with children and communities in a variety of environments, into lecturing and beyond into a PhD. She coaches colleagues across the world to embrace nature pedagogy and to form a meshwork, metaphorically and physically, to build awareness of a way of working with children and families so that they don’t just learn about nature, but learn in, for, with and ultimately from the more than human relationships that surround them.

Doug Fargher is founder of Australia’s ‘Bush Kinder’. He consults, writes, and speaks nationally about the benefits of play-based learning outdoors in nature. He is also a respected hands-on educator with over 30 years teaching experience.

He advocates for the right of every child to learn through play, outdoors in nature. With the support of his community and like-minded collaborators, he has informed government, educational organisations and land managers. What Doug has achieved through his work with ‘Bush Kinder’ has successfully brought learning in nature into the consciousness of modern Australian educators.... read more

Beyond the Gate

Claire Warden and Doug Fargher


Selected book

Monthly selected book by our staff

Voices & Visions

Karen L Martin

P/B • 245 mm x 175mm
ISBN 9781876138493

Just as our visions will be the present of some young Aboriginal children who are not yet born, these will be made real through our voices and actions right now. The question begs to be asked: ‘What kind of people do we want those children of the future to remember us as being?’

This book reflects the stories of practitioners in Aboriginal early childhood education in Australia. It is not just their stories, but a text for how Aboriginal worldviews and frameworks are incorporated in what they do. As Aboriginal people we have always had to conform to a Western schooling system, one which does not fully appreciate our knowledges. In what you are about to read there is an implied but silent script in that, ‘you listen now and let us tell you’.

$59.95 (incl GST)

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