Treasures in the Thicket

Bethica Quinn with Rosalina Rodriguez, edited by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter

ISBN 9780942702996

Explore children’s creative process and the treasures revealed through their educator’s insights as they develop their representational expression of values and culture. Written by an educator in a Spanish immersion preschool, this tender, visually engaging book includes Spanish and English text. This book is an excellent resource for your professional development. Make the most of your reading investment by revisiting sections of the book with study companions to help you reflect on the story of Treasures

in the Thicket. Commit yourself to transforming your reading from a passive experience of listening to a good story to an active engagement with thinking and questioning. 148 pages. Treasures in the Thicket is part of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) collection. Use the ROW collection to discover how early childhood educators in the field are reimagining their work and thinking alongside children. Authors, Bethica and Rosalina, offer potent questions that reverberate beyond the pages of this book: “How would my way of working change if I made a commitment to seeing children, and listening to them, more deeply?” “How would it change if I decided to trust them more fully as partners in the process of learning?” Carry these questions into the days and weeks ahead, use them as touchstones and signposts, as you embark on your own acts of collaboration with children. — Ann Pelo and Margie Carter Editors of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Collection Authors of From Teaching to Thinking: A Pedagogy for Reimagining Our Work

“Through the narrative of Quinn and Rodriguez, we are invited into both the children’s and the teachers’ thinking, wondering, concerns, emotions and dreams during the unfolding of their learning journey. Read Treasures in the Thicket in either English or Spanish, for you are sure to be enchanted and inspired.”
– Louise Boyd Cadwell, Co-founder of Cadwell Collaborative and author of Bringing Reggio Emilia Home


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