Terms and Conditions

Terms of Trade

1. Changes

  • Pademelon Press Pty Ltd reserves the right to revise any of these terms, including the prices at any time.

2. Pricing and Orders

  • The price is as shown on the invoice

3. Payment/Credit

  • Terms are shown on the invoice
  • For any amounts not paid by the due date, Pademelon Press Pty Ltd may charge an interest rate of 2% per month until the date of actual payment.
  • Customers agree to reimburse Pademelon Press Pty Ltd the costs of recovering such monies.
  • Ownership of the goods shall not pass to the customer until Pademelon Press Pty Ltd is paid in full.

4. Delivery

  • Freight is covered by the customer

5. Returns

  • Returns must be within two months of invoice date.
  • All returns must be authorised by contacting Pademelon Press Pty Ltd foa a Return Authorisation Number before the books are sent.
  • The books must reach us withing 55 days of the Return Authorisation.\
  • All books returned must be in mint condition.
  • Delivery/freight charges must be covered by the customer.

6. Misbound, faulty or damaged books

  • Claims for misbound, faulty or damaged books must be made within 60 days of the date of invoice; Pademelon Press Pty Ltd will pay the return freight.

Terms and Conditions of eBooks

Pademelon Press is a small Australian publisher of early childhood teacher resources. Our mission is to give a voice to Australian early childhood educators. We’d like to be able to offer inexpensive e-book options to all of our customers. Illegal copying or downloading of this file will mean that we can’t cover our costs. If we can’t cover our costs then we can’t continue to offer e-books at cheaper prices than hard copy books and will have to remove the e-books from our website and offer only hard copy books at higher prices.

Please help us to continue to offer cost effective pricing with a quality product by agreeing to our terms and conditions. DO NOT illegally copy or download this file and you will help a small Australian publisher help you, continue to offer you a great service and continue to give a voice to Australian early childhood educators.

Digital Content Returns: Digital content purchased and/or downloaded from Pademelon Press is non-refundable and non-returnable. If you experience technical problems accessing a download or using the item you purchased, we’re happy to help you troubleshoot the problem, please contact us.

For all other Terms and Conditions please see Customer service and Policies.


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