Sue Dockett

Dr Susan Edwards is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, Australia. She lectures in degree programs in early childhood and primary education, mostly teaching in the areas of early childhood development and approaches to learning. She also conducts research into how teachers use theories of learning and development in their program and curriculum planning with young children. Originally a classical ballet teacher of very young children, Susan was fascinated by the way these children engaged with the fantasy and imagery associated with dance and was interested in learning more about this period of life and how children learn. This led to her doing a Bachelor of Education at RMIT University. This degree was a dual qualification studying early childhood and adult education at the same time. She has worked in childcare settings and spent some time teaching in a preschool. She became very interested in learning about how other teachers developed their curriculum for children and how they understood children?s learning. This led to her completing a PhD at Monash University, looking at how teachers used developmental and sociocultural theory to inform their thinking about children?s learning and what the implications of these two different theories meant for how they worked with young children.

Dr Susan Edwards


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