Dr Margaret Brooks

Author, Senior University Lecturer and Artist

Dr Margaret Brooks is a senior lecturer at the University of New England, Australia. She has been researching drawing and art for almost thirty years. Her research focuses on young children’s drawing processes and the relationships between drawing and meaning making from socio cultural perspectives. She uses arts-based and visual ethnographic methods to examine the drawing processes of both children and adults. She is also a practising artist. Her most recent art work involves collaborations with artists, young children, and art museums around environmental, cultural and social issues. Her studio work focuses on drawing and installation. She believes in the power of art to facilitate ‘trans-actions’ between people, issues and places.

Margaret has a strong global audience and is owner and editor for the International Art and Early Childhood website and the International Journal for Art in Early Childhood Research Journal. See https://artinearlychildhood.org/. The International Art in Early Childhood Association supports a biennial conference, and, more recently, a virtual symposium from which is emerging a beautiful set of ebooks.

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