Spotlight on Teaching Preschoolers 2

Derry Koralek

P/B • 230mm x 200mm • 64 Pages
ISBN 9781928896708

Supporting Children, Families, and Yourself

This book shares effective teaching strategies that touch on all learning domains and across the preschool curriculum. In it, authors of highly relevant articles drawn from recent issues of NAEYC’s journal Young Children present research-based, developmentally appropriate practices for teaching young children and communicating with families. They help preschool teachers identify their own skills and supplement them with fresh approaches. Individual study guides, including questions and activities, invite reflection and build on the articles’ content. Readers can use the study guides on their own or with colleagues or fellow students. Teacher educators and staff development specialists will find them useful tools for facilitating learning in classes and workshops.


Let’s Find Out! Preschoolers as Scientific Explorers by Kimberly Brenneman
Young Children and Movement: The Power of Creative Dance by Connie Bergstein Dow
Ramps and Pathways: Developmentally Appropriate, Intellectually Rigorous, and Fun Physical Science by Betty Zan and Rosemary Geiken
Blocks: A Versatile Learning Tool for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Charlotte Anderson
“The Fun Thing about Studying Different Beliefs Is That … They Are Different”: Kindergartners Explore Spirituality by Ben Mardell and Mona M Abo-Zena
Partnering with Families of Children with Special Needs by Julie A Ray, Julia Pewitt Kinder, and Suzanne George
Seeds in the Window, Soil in the Sensory Table: Science Education through Gardening and Nature-Based Play by Alyse C Hachey and Deanna L Butler
The Benefits of Developing a Professional Portfolio by Cheryl Priest
Ten Tips for Involving Families through Internet-Based Communication by Sascha Mitchell, Teresa S Foulger, and Keith Wetzel
The Reading Chair by Isabel Baker and Miriam Baker Schiffer

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