Living Like a Child

Enrique C. Feldman

P/B • 205 pages
ISBN 9781605540337

Learn, Live, and Teach Creatively

With a call to live like a child and teach with more meaning, this book explores holistic- and arts-based techniques that support and enhance children’s academic and social-emotional development. It encourages you to teach and connect with children in ways that are organic, trusting, and empowering.

Living Like a Child is divided into three sections, which are filled with stories, techniques, and support to help you learn, live, and teach creatively:

Master Teaching Principles facilitates your growth as a learner and leader.
Life Learning Techniques contains artistic, play-based practices that enhance children’s—and your own—learning, growth, and development. This section includes activities that incorporate music, affirmation, breathing, visualization, movement, and dramatic delivery. Popular, proven, and research-based, these techniques help children develop creativity and critical-thinking skills.
Measurable and Immeasurable Results presents data on the effectiveness of the techniques, showing the academic improvement of preschool children who were exposed to them.

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