From Parents to Partners

Janis Keyser

P/B • 190mm x 230mm • 200 Pages
ISBN 9781605545141

Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program

Partnership with parents is an essential factor in any successful early childhood program. With the family centered model as its basis, From Parents to Partners explores the reasons and methods for developing ongoing partnerships with parents and other family members of children in child care settings. It provides the tools and strategies needed to build the communication and support networks within which these partnerships thrive.
Throughout the book are interactive, hands-on exercises to help you adapt these principles to your individual beliefs, practices, and experiences. Practical tools such as newsletters, bulletin boards, and parent conferences are only some of the ways parents can be involved in their child’s care and education. This innovative, centre-tested approach is designed to include the whole family unit not just the parents in the partnership.

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