Caring Spaces, Learning Places

Jim Greenman

ISBN 9780942702002

3rd edition

Children deserve to spend their days in well-designed environments that support their needs and stimulate their learning. Adults who spend their days teaching and caring for young children deserve environments that maximize their skills. The newest revision of Caring Spaces, Learning Places is a book of ideas, observations, problems, solutions, examples, resources, photographs, and poetry. Here you will find current thinking about children’s environments – 380 pages to challenge you, stimulate you, inspire you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Greenman was a designer, philosopher, and provocateur, but he was first and foremost a teacher. His teachings and insights live on through his writing, and while I was stunned at how up-to-date and pertinent Caring Spaces remains, I shouldn’t have been. After all, I use things that Jim taught me every day. To say that the editing team had a light touch with this 3rd edition of Caring Spaces would be an understatement. Jim’s words stand the test of time incredibly well, and this new edition leaves his sometimes quirky and always insightful prose intact. We have worked hard to include updated references, a new appendices section, and to refine the layout and graphics in ways that make the book more readable, but the ideas, anecdotes, strategies, and innate “rightness” of the book we left alone. My hope is that Caring Spaces inspires a new generation of educators and designers to realize Jim’s vision of spaces for children where wonder, beauty, sensory richness, and functionality are the norm and not the exception.


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