Discovering Nature with Young Children Teacher’s Guide

Ingrid Chalufour, Karen Worth

ISBN 9781929610389

Let’s do real science! Discovering Nature with Young Children is an inquiry-based curriculum that builds on children’s natural curiosity about the living world.

The curriculum guide helps you prepare yourself and and your classroom for a new approach to science learning. It then assists you in planning open and focused explorations, ranging from indoor terraria to outdoor animal searches and habitat discussions. You will also learn how to better observe, assess, and document the children’s learning.

This curriculum is designed to help children learn:

• Essential scientific reasoning skills, such as hypothesis, inference, prediction, and estimation
• Important language and literacy skills as they communicate their findings, participate in discussions, and represent their experiences
• Crucial math skills as they count, measure, sort, categorize, and compare the many plants and animals in their surroundings

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