Everyday Early Learning

Jeff A Johnson, Tasha A Johnson

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 200 pages
ISBN 9781933653426

Easy and Fun Activities and Toys Made from Stuff You Can Find Around the House

If you know children who can turn empty boxes into race cars, horse-drawn wagons, or bear-infested caves, you have the ideal audience for this book. Filled with child- and wallet-friendly projects, this book teaches skills in literacy, math, science, and social areas. The projects promote learning by letting children be children and allow exploration and discovery through the process of doing.

Child care providers in all settings can count on the creative inspiration in Everyday Early Learning for projects with minimal cost and effort. A scale of one to three, ranging from “no construction” to “easy but not effortless” to “worth the work,” rates the required effort and exertion.

Material lists contain things that can be found around the house or purchased at local discount, grocery, hardware, and dollar stores. Averaging just ten dollars each – and many costing less – these projects are easily affordable.

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Dimensions 215 × 280 mm


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