The Right to Literacy in Secondary Schools

Suzanne Plaut and Theodore R. Sizer

ISBN 9780807749371

Creating a Culture of Thinking

This inspirational resource challenges educators to view adolescent literacy as a “civil right” that enables students to understand essential content and to develop as independent learners. Edited by the Vice President of Education at the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC), a nonprofit that is nationally known for its expertise in literacy and professional development, the book is a call to action and a practical guide for reform-minded schools and districts, and for teachers seeking to help all adolescent learners achieve at high levels. It is replete with vivid illustrations of exemplary classroom practice across all content areas. It also offers important frameworks to help teachers implement those practices in their own schools. Perfect for professional learning communities, study groups, and individual teachers, this book:

  • Offers schools and districts inspiration and guidance for undertaking a whole-school inquiry about adolescent learning, thinking, and literacy.
  • Shows the specific role that literacy plays in each of the core content areas: math, science, social studies, and language arts.
  • Includes proven tips for secondary and middle school teachers, based on the work of teachers in classrooms where students are achieving at high levels.
  • Provides the common concepts and strategies necessary to help an entire faculty implement the models presented in the book.
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