Talking and Thinking Floorbooks; An approach to consultation, observation, planning and assessment in children’s learning 3rd Edition

Claire Warden

P/B • 210mm x 297mm • 84 Pages
ISBN 9781906116460

This book explores the way that children can be consulted in the early years. It provides clear advice and offers strategies that will support adults to listen to children’s ideas. These ideas then influence the opportunities in the early years centres.

Consultation with children is important because:
It creates a closer match between the child and the curriculum it is experiencing.
It builds self esteem and positive attitudes when the learner is involved in the decision making.
It increases intrinsic motivation, that stays with a child throughout life.
Children have a right to be treated with respect as individuals. We can show respect by valuing their thoughts and opinions.

The features of a Talking and Thinking Book are that they include:

Children’s ideas and thoughts without re-framing or interpretation so that they are a genuine record of their thinking. When children give a response to a question or contribute an idea that is far removed from the rest of the group thinking, the idea should be recorded as evidence of contribution , but not engagement.

Open ended questions that are created in response to an interest from the children. The questions are posed as part of a conversation and are designed to stimulate thought rather than test knowledge. The flow of reflective talk is critical to the process, to create a partnership of exploration and discovery. Question and answer sessions create a completely different atmosphere. Questions are almost philosophical, such as I wonder what would happen if..?

Higher order thinking. This level of interest can be stimulated by challenging children to create links in their own learning. Revisiting ideas over long blocks of time support children to see that the process of thinking and learning is full of experimentation and adaptation.

Depth of Learning. The flow of the book follows children’s desire to explore an area in depth. Depth of learning created through giving children time to explore their own thinking is the key to long term embedded knowledge. Collating children’s ideas in a book form ensures that the group focus on continuity and progression over longer blocks of time.

Collaborative learning. The books include very large pieces of blank paper that enable children and adults to record their ideas as a group. By giving each person a different coloured marker it is possible to observe who contributes to the group writing. The adult provides a role model for the process of thinking, listening, supporting, suggesting ideas, accepting challenge, of being a writer, making of diagrams, Mind Maps™ to namejust a few

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