Policy Development in Early Childhood Settings

Leanne Gibbs

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ISBN 9781876138288

From Idea to Evaluation

The aim of this book is to make the job of developing and writing a policy for all types of early childhood and out of school hours care services less complicated. It will unpack the process of policy development by giving guidance in the three key elements of accurate knowledge, the right tools, and common sense. It also provides background information, resources and real material. The book is grounded in the realities of service operation and is based on the fact that time is precious and limited.
Policy Development in Early Childhood Settings acknowledges the uniqueness of each service. Along with the explanation of process and requirements there is a range of examples and policy excerpts, plus anecdotal accounts designed to promote clarity and assist services to formulate and implement their own unique policies. It stresses the importance of all policy in upholding the rights, dignity and potential of the community of the service and the strength it has in enhancing the educator’s role in the care and education of young children.


Part One: Foundations for Policy
Chapter 1 Policy – Not a New Phenomenon
Chapter 2 Same and Different – The Policy Planning Process

Part Two: The Policy Process – From Idea to Evaluation
Chapter 3 Vision, Mission and Philosophy
Chapter 4 Goals and Influences
Chapter 5 Research and Resources
Chapter 6 The Policy Think Tank – A Partnership with
Families and the Community
Chapter 7 Drafting, Writing and Adapting Policy
Chapter 8 Implementation and Evaluation

Part Three: Policy in Action
Chapter 9 Real Policy – How It Works

Questions and Reflections

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