Outdoor Learning Cards Portable Ideas – Wood Whittling

Claire Warden

Cards • 42 Pages

A pocket full of ideas that build on the fascinations of children – practical and portable, these cards are designed to share the possibilities of playing outside in Nature. Use to stimulate curiosity and engage children through rich learning opportunities inside, outside and beyond.

We see whittling as an activity that allows children freedom, flexibility and a chance for a lot of personal space to connect with their sense of self and their natural environment. Whittling is an activity used on a regular basis in our Nature Kindergartens and during our work with teachers. When we introduce whittling to a group, we find that the engagement and wellbeing levels of the individuals generally increases and that the sensitivity to both the environment and peers increases.

42 cards – image on one side, text on the other.

Example ideas:
Make a home for fairies and elves
Whittle a marshmallow stick
Make a woven ball
Make a sun dial
Make a picture frame

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