Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn. Building Essential Skills in young children.

Mary Renck Jalongo

P/B • 180mm x 255mm • 160 Pages
ISBN 9781928896463

Building Essential Skills in Young Children

From the very beginning of a child’s life effective listening includes, becoming aware, focusing, selecting cues from the environment, and filtering out distractions Children’s listening habits and skills are a good prediction of oral language proficiency, reading and writing skills, and later school success. Good listening skills do not simply develop naturally, they must be taught and practiced, yet very few teachers have had specific training for actually teaching young children how to listen. Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn provides clear, research-based guidance, clear language and real-life examples to help teachers set young children”s listening behaviours on the right path, as well as reassess their own listening skills. This book will help early childhood educators to: understand the components of listening; discover why children do or do not listen; actively listen to children and adults; provide a rich oral language environment; and help parents support their children’s listening and learning.

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