Increasing the Power of Instruction

Judith A Schickendanz

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 120 Pages
ISBN 9781928896517

Integration of Language, Literacy and Math Across the Preschool Day

A day in a preschool classroom can be hectic, and with so many learning goals to be met, it’s no surprise that teachers sometimes wonder how they will get it all done. This accessible book by Judith Schickedanz shows teachers how to maximize the scope and power of their instruction through integration—across content domains and across learning contexts.

With a focus on language, literacy, and mathematics, Schickedanz introduces strategies that will bolster instruction in all subjects. Engaging vignettes demonstrate effective integration throughout the schedule, including during story time, centre time, and large and small group sessions. She writes that integration can “help us better manage our time and make instruction more powerful—and learning more meaningful—for children.”

Contents :


Part 1: Integration across content domains

Chapter 1: Integrating Learning Across the Domains Through Story Reading

Chapter 2:. Reading Inch by Inch: Effective Integration in Action

Chapter 3: Strategies to Enhance Learning During and After Story Time

Chapter 4: Using Predictable-Text Books with an Explicit Math Focus

Part 2: Integration across learning contexts

Chapter 5: Integration in Whole Group/Circle Time

Chapter 6: Integration in Teacher-Organized Small Group Time

Chapter 7: Integration in Centre Time
Concluding Thoughts

A. Maths-Related Children’s Books
B. Mathematics Expectations for
Prekindergarten Through Second Grade
C. Learning Paths and Teaching Strategies in Early Mathematics


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