Globalizations and Education

Carlos Alberto Torres

ISBN 9780807749371

Spanning an extraordinary 30-year career, this book collects seminal essays by critical theorist Carlos Alberto Torres. Torres is among the foremost scholars devoted to interpreting the work of Paulo Freire and has done much over the years to raise the visibility of Freire’s contribution to educational theory. In addition, he has helped to establish the discipline of the political sociology of education. His work on Latin American education has made substantial contributions to the fields of comparative and international education. All the strands of his thinking, along with his commitment to employing scholarship for social change, are evident in this important collection.

These valuable essays:

  • Present a comprehensive introduction, in one volume, to Torres’ contributions to sociology of education, multiculturalism, and Freirian theory.
  • Offer a timely discussion of questions of power, influence, and authority to explain key decision making and educational planning.
  • Demonstrate the ongoing necessity for scholarship as a political act in education reform around the globe.

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