Essential Touch #799

Frances M Carlson

Paperback • 200mm x 230mm • 112 Pages
ISBN 9781928896401

Meeting the Needs of Young Children

Some early childhood programs have adopted no-touch policies, and others allow only a very minimal level of physical contact between teachers and children. Yet touch is as necessary as food or water for young children to thrive and grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Experiences of touch in all its forms – whether nurturing touch from adults, tactile explorations of the environment, or physical interactions with peers – are essential to high-quality early care and education. From this book, practitioners will learn just why touch is essential in young children’s development and how it can be incorporated safely in early childhood settings, from the infant program to the primary classroom.


About This Book

Chapter 1: Taking a look at Touch

Chapter 2: The Importance of Touch in Development of Learning

Chapter 3: Nurturing Children through Touch

Chapter 4: Teaching Children about Touch

Chapter 5: Concerns about Touch in Early Childhood Settings

Chapter 6: When Children Have Touch- Related Special Needs


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