Discovering Nature with Young Children Complete Set (2 Bks & DVD)

Ingrid Chalufour, Karen Worth

2 Books & DVD
ISBN 9781933653181

You can introduce children to the wonders of science with Discovering Nature With Young Children, a nationally field-tested curriculum funded partly by the National Science Foundation. Rather than focusing on learning facts without direct experience or observing random objects on a table, Discovering Nature makes science the exploration of materials and phenomena. It then gives children opportunities to learn from that experience.

The comprehensive trainer’s guide and DVD give you an in-depth look―and visual tour―of the complete Discovering Nature with Young Children curriculum. The guide goes step by step through discussion plans, sample charts and forms, and extensive resource suggestions. The DVD includes eight real-life vignettes of the curriculum in use in the classroom.

The curriculum guide helps teachers prepare themselves and their classroom for a new approach to science learning. It guides teachers as they plan open and focused explorations, ranging from indoor terraria to outdoor animal searches and habitat discussions. Later, it helps teachers observe, assess, and document children’s learning.

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