Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn

Connie Bergstein Dow

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 136 pages
ISBN 9781929610891

Enriching Movement Activities for Preschoolers

Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn! has 38 creative and fun movement lessons built around common early childhood curriculum themes, such as animals, seasons, colours, and shapes. The lessons provide fun and accessible ways to encourage young children to learn the way they learn best – with their bodies! All of the exercises can be implemented as a self-contained movement curriculum or as a supplement to an existing curriculum. Classroom management tools, introductory lessons on teaching basic movement skills, directions for music and props, and a section for evaluating and customising each lesson are just some of the features that make this book an essential tool for incorporating movement in your educational program.



Part One
Introduction of Classroom Management Tools and Basic Movement Skills.

Part Two
Applying Classroom Management Tools and Building Basic Movement Skills
Musical Accompaniment: Suggestions for Teachers
Warm-Ups and Large Motor Skills

Early Childhood Learning Standards
Lesson Plan Template
Index of Lessons by Learning Domain

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