Critical Encounters in Secondary English Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents, Third Edition

Deborah Appleman

P/B • 15.49 x 2.03 x 22.61 cm • 272 pages
ISBN 9780807756232

Because of the emphasis placed on nonfiction and informational texts by the Common Core State Standards, literature teachers all over the country are re-evaluating their curriculum and looking for thoughtful ways to incorporate nonfiction into their courses. They are also rethinking their pedagogy as they consider ways to approach texts that are outside the usual fare of secondary literature classrooms. The Third Edition of Critical Encounters in Secondary English provides an integrated approach to incorporating nonfiction and informational texts into the literature classroom. Grounded in solid theory with new field-tested classroom activities, this new edition shows teachers how to adapt practices that have always defined good pedagogy to the new generation of standards for literature instruction.

New for the Third Edition:

  • A new preface and new introduction that discusses the CCSS and their implications for literature instruction.
  • Lists of nonfiction texts at the end of each chapter related to the critical lens described in that chapter.
  • A new chapter on new historicism, a critical lens uniquely suited to interpreting nonfiction and informational sources.
  • New classroom activities created and field-tested specifically for use with nonfiction texts.
  • Additional activities that demonstrate how informational texts can be used in conjunction with traditional literary texts.

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