Big as Life vol. 2

Stacey York

P/B • 310 pages
ISBN 9781884834516

The Everyday Inclusive Curriculum

Today, early childhood educators face very different issues than those of their predecessors ten to twenty years ago. For the most part, the curriculum of the past has failed to keep up with so many of these changes. As a result, educators have been without a complete curriculum that gives all children hope, pride and self-confidence.

Big as Life: Volume I and Volume II are exciting new resources that offer a curriculum that reflects and honors the lives of children and their families. Each chapter contains a brief overview, unit outline, materials list, and commercial classroom resource list that support each particular curriculum unit. Together they form a guide to a complete curriculum that keeps up with the constant changes we all experience in todays society.

Volume I offers an extensive look at the philosophy behind the multicultural/anti-bias curriculum. The detailed explanation of the characteristics, goals and objectives of the curriculum is followed by comprehensive curriculum units on topics ranging from our bodies and gender to communication and family.

Volume II continues the look at the complete curriculum units, by exploring foods, friends, work and the world of people. Once armed with the philosophy behind the anti-bias/multicultural curriculum and the complete unit breakdown, it offers a design for planning your own transformative curriculum.

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