The Outdoor Playspace Naturally

Sue Elliott

Full Colour • 224 Pages • P/B
ISBN 9781876138271

For Children Birth to Five Years

The Outdoor Playspace Naturally arose from concerns shared by the editor and contributing authors about children’s playspaces in early childhood services in Australia. It reveals their concerns and offers guidance and information to early childhood educators, centre co-ordinators, management committees, designers and all those involved in the provision of early childhood services.

We can do better for children than quick fix, generic and synthetic playspaces and this publication provides the foundation for creating natural, dynamic and engaging playspaces. At its heart, the creation of a natural playspace is a collaborative venture between children, parents and staff that is locally vital and evolves over time. The inspiring photographs and case studies well illustrate the potential.

The authors of this publication are committed to change – change that will improve children’s outdoor play opportunities, health, well being, connections with nature and promote education for sustainability.


Chapter One Designing natural playspaces: principles by Ric McConaghy

Chapter Two Designing natural playspaces: processes by Ric McConaghy

Chapter Three Creating specific features to foster nature connections
by Tracy Young

Chapter Four How do natural playspaces meet developmental needs and interests? by Kerry Rogers

Chapter Five Standards and stones by Barbara Champion

Chapter Six Making natural playspaces more accessible to children with disabilities by Mary Jeavons

Chapter Seven Planning for children in natural playspaces
by Michelle Hocking

Chapter Eight Early childhood centre case studies from Australia
by Sue Elliott

Chapter Nine International perspectives on natural playspaces
by Joanne Sorensen, Sue Vaealiki, Tracy Young


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