Liam’s Story

Marg Baber, Madeline Fussell and Kim Porter

Full Colour • 52 Pages • P/B
ISBN 9781876138431

So why do I wear Dad’s medals?

Classroom Resource

Liam’s Story is a true story and the people in the pictures are the real characters in the story. Liam’s Story deals with the feelings experienced by one young boy, whose father was killed on active duty in a recent conflict, as he goes about his day on ANZAC Day. As well as exploring empathy and resilience in young readers, it explains a difficult concept such as war and the effect it has on children and families.

The book is designed to be read on three levels. If reading to a very young child, you can simply read the text in the yellow banner across the top of the page. If reading to a slightly older child, that yellow banner text flows into the text beneath it in the blue section of the page. The addition of the fact boxes make it an ideal learning resource as well as these link in with the early primary history and social sciences curriculum.

Extension activities and teaching notes are available on our
website as a resource for educators and families. Liam’s Story is based on research conducted by the authors through the University of New England.

‘We live in a world where the consequences of war are all around us; where families and children who have been traumatised by violence live in our street and attend our schools. As educators, parents, friends, community members we can support children and families; we can show that we acknowledge their experiences, empathise with their struggle and believe in their ability to stay strong and build happy lives despite the trauma. In a perfect world, children would never have to face the loss of a parent. In our less than perfect world, we need resources such as this book to make us aware, and to help us think what we might do to help make this world we live in a little better.’
Margaret Sims, Professor of Early Childhood,
University of New England


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