How To Recycle Your Feelings

Amy Molloy

ISBN 9780646808697

Sometimes, we all end up with too many emotions, Or emotions we don’t have a use for anymore… But that doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. Because no emotion is ever really a waste. The first title in the series, How to Recycle Your Feelings is a children’s book with grown-ups in mind too. The fictional story – which shows that ‘no emotion is ever really a waste’ – draws on therapeutic techniques such as reframing, reflection and detachment packaged in a way that is understandable (and enjoyable!) to readers of all ages. Perfect for parents, grandparents, carers and educators alike, it shows the power of imagination and positive intention to cope with the overflow emotions that can clutter our emotional worlds! The series is written in line with NSW primary school curriculum for personal development and the national Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (aged 0-5): Belonging, Being and Becoming which is ‘correlated with resilience, providing children with the capacity to cope with day-to day stress and challenges.’


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