Great Place to Work

Paula Jorde-Bloom

P/B • 115 pages
ISBN 9780935989182

Creating a Healthy Organisational Climate

Early childhood program administrators often have a global impression that things are going well or not so well at their centre, but they lack specific feedback on just what the different areas of the organisation contribute to those impressions. This updated and expanded edition of an NAEYC bestseller helps directors define more precisely how ten dimensions of a centre shape the quality of work life for staff. It will help you look at your program in terms of collegiality, opportunities for professional growth, supervisor support, clarity, reward system, decision making, goal consensus, task orientation, physical setting, and innovation. Written in an engaging and lively style, the ideas in this book will help you sharpen your leadership skills and make your centre A Great Place to Work. 

 A Great Place to Work will help you…

learn how to gather data to measure and monitor your centre’s climate

appreciate the different perspectives of your teachers and support staff

recognize the vital role that you play in setting the tone for success

implement strategies to guarantee bright and sunny days ahead

understand why organisational climate is so important

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