Really Seeing Children

Deb Curtis

ISBN 9780942702644

Slow down, observe, delight, and practice really seeing children every day, for being with children in this way is not just a way of working, but a way of life. Deb Curtis, in her more than 40 years as an early childhood educator, has cultivated a reflective teaching practice devoted to really seeing children. Through her collection of stories and photographs, learn to suspend your adult agenda to really see children’s perspectives and the amazing ways they experience the world. Taking up this practice will bring joy and deeper understanding to your work and life and allow you to engage with children in a more meaningful teaching and learning process. “What I’ve come to understand is that the most important work I do to see a child in positive ways is within me. I must continually work to transform my own view of children’s behaviors, see their points of view, and strive to uncover how what I am seeing reveals the children’s deep desire, eagerness, and capacity for relationships.
There is no more important or rewarding work than this.” – Deb Curtis

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