Windows on Learning 2nd Edition

Judy Harris Helm (Author), Sallee Beneke (Author), Kathy Steinheimer (Author), Leslie R. Williams (Series Editor)

216 pages • P/B • 157mm x 227mm
ISBN 9780807747865

Documenting Young Childrens’ Work

Completely updated, this popular guide provides teachers with a proven method for documenting (collecting, analysing, and displaying) young children’s work at school. Written by teachers for teachers, this classic resource also shows principals, curriculum coordinators, and directors of Head Start and other early intervention programs how to develop children’s portfolios to share with parents or to use for assessment and other accountability purposes. Applicable to many different curriculum models, the updated Second Edition:

  • Combines two books in one by integrating the teacher forms, materials, and planning sheets from the Teacher Materials companion resource into this single volume.
  • Features a larger size to accommodate more examples and photographs of children’s and teachers’ work.
  • Includes more information on incorporating standards in documentation.
  • Discusses how to analyse and talk about documentation in professional learning communities.
  • Provides additional information on preparing teacher portfolios.
  • Documents the Movie Theater Project, a literacy-rich project from an inner-city pre-kindergarten classroom.

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