Understanding Preschool Development

Janet K Black, Joseph M Moriarity

P/B • 178mm x 253mm • 120 pages
ISBN 9781933653037

By the beginning of his fourth year, a child is much stronger, better coordinated, and adept at communication than he was two years before. He will make another huge developmental leap as a preschooler.

Caregivers can enhance their positive role in promoting this growth with a thorough understanding of child development as presented in this book. Understanding Toddler Development is one of three easy-to-read, practical guides, each focusing on the unique issues for the specific age group covered and are adapted from the recently updated textbook, The Young Child, a standard in academic programs.

In the book’s first part, readers will learn about preschoolers’ motor skill development and ways to foster it through movement, manipulation, and interaction with others. Parts two and three discuss preschoolers’ psychosocial and intellectual development, and their rapid growth in language and literacy.

Understanding Preschool Development explains:

The impact and long-term effects of biology and environment on early brain development in preschoolers
How preschoolers learn
Important theories of child development in preschoolers
How early life experiences lay the groundwork for preschoolers’ developing language acquisition and thinking
The effects of nurturing care on preschoolers’ emotional development and stability in later life
Milestones and windows of opportunity for preschoolers’ development

Each book in the series includes developmental milestones and stages, information on the caregiver’s role in each developmental domain, and vignettes representing developmental challenges and successes. Written for child care providers in any setting, each book provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant theories and research on child development.

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