Transition Magician 2

Mary Henthorne, Nola Larson, Ruth Chvojicek

P/B • 224 pages • 215mm x 280mm
ISBN 9781884834868

More Strategies for Guiding Young Children in Early Childhood Programs

Transition Magician 2 is filled with more than 200 great activities that promote effective classroom transitions. The book features simple tools for evaluating environments and schedules, and for eliminating problems. It also includes new toddler and special needs activities to help complete your approach.

Transition Magician 2 is a great resource for new teachers to help make that first year more manageable. It’s also helped me (an early childhood teacher for over twenty years) find energy for the school year! It’s informative, easy to follow, and it offers great reminders for evaluating how your classroom is functioning and what needs to change. The information on children with special needs is a great addition and will be very helpful. This book will help you with the little details that make all the difference for a smooth-running day.”
—Jenny Brunt, early childhood special education and program support teacher

Transition Magician 2 helps caregivers find different ways to connect with their kids, assess their programs, and develop emergent solutions for making transition times a seamless part of each day. It is filled with mind-expanding activities for caregivers to use for the times between planned activities in their days and also includes new toddler and special needs activities for transition.”

—The Children’s Foundation Child Care Bulletin

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