Infant & Toddler Experiences

Fran Hast, Ann Hollyfield

P/B • 240 pages
ISBN 9781884834578

What’s the difference between an activity and an experience?
One is meant to pass the time, the other to last a lifetime.

Make the most of your interactions with young children with experiences that allow infants and toddlers to figure out how something works on their own. This book describes a process of learning that involves repeated interaction with and exploration of a caring environment, which builds trust between children and you. Each experience offers children the chance to choose their own approaches to tasks that promote their development.

Focusing on the “Three Cs”—curiosity, connection, and coordination—each experience is described simply and includes a list of materials that are needed and tips to keep in mind. In addition, each experience includes specific strategies to help you promote the healthiest development in infants and toddlers.

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