The School Leaders Our Children Deserve

George Theoharis

ISBN 9780807749517

Seven Keys to Equity, Social Justice, and School Reform

George Theoharis draws on the experiences and words of successful public school principals committed to advancing equity, social justice, and school reform to show why social justice leadership is needed and how it can be effective. Although facing tremendous barriers, these principals made important strides toward closing the achievement gap in their schools through the use of humane and equitable practices. Featuring a mix of theory and practical strategies, this timely book portrays how real school leaders seek, create, and sustain equitable schools, especially for marginalized students.

The author identifies seven “keys” that are crucial for social justice leadership:

Key 1: Acquire Broad, Reconceptualized Consciousness/Knowledge/Skill Base

Key 2: Possess Core Leadership Traits

Key 3: Advance Inclusion, Access, and Opportunity for All

Key 4: Improve the Core Learning Context – Both the Teaching and the Curriculum

Key 5: Create a Climate of Belonging

Key 6: Raise Student Achievement

Key 7: Sustain Oneself Professionally and Personally

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