Teaching Twos and Threes: A Comprehensive Curriculum

Deborah Falasco

P/B • 200 Pages
ISBN 9781605541327

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Working with two- and three-year-olds is an important job, one that will influence children’s lifelong learning. With strategies to plan a developmentally appropriate program, build positive relationships with young children, and support young children’s learning in all areas, Teaching Twos and Threes is a classroom essential. What’s more, it’s packed with creative activity ideas! Filled with information and colorful photographs, it will help you

• Reflect on your teaching practices as you plan a developmentally appropriate program that is stimulating and authentic for all twos and threes

• Foster children’s independence in an environment that is filled with opportunities for free exploration

• Plan hands-on and engaging art, circle time, dramatic play, science and nature, cooking, and writing exploration activities and experiences

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