Teaching in the Digital Age: Smart Tools for Age 3 to Grade 3

Brian Puerling (Author), Carol Copple (Foreword)

P/B • 200 pages
ISBN 9781605541181

The use of tablets, digital cameras, webcams, and other technology is the new normal in many classrooms. Teaching in the Digital Age provides teachers and administrators of young children with innovative strategies to embrace and integrate technology in to the classroom. It explores the many ways technology, such as tablet computers, MP3s, videos, photographs, audio recordings, webcams, projectors, and publication and presentation tools can be used to enhance a classroom’s complete curriculum and assessment. Tips for using these tools are included, as well as learning activities, worksheets, resources, and a framework to plan, evaluate, and reflect upon the learning experiences. This resource will help early childhood educators not only add technology to the classroom, but also embed it across the curriculum.

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