Planning in the Moment with Two and Three Year Olds: Child-Initiated Play in Action

Anna Ephgrave

P/B • 296 Pages
ISBN 9780367140151

Children are most engaged – and therefore learn best – when they are following their own interests. In this book, Anna Ephgrave shows how her acclaimed ‘planning in the moment’ approach can be used with two and three year olds with dramatic results for both children and staff. It reveals the impact that free-flowing, child-initiated play has on very young children’s wellbeing, making them feel safe, secure and consequently helping them to be fully engaged in their learning.

The first part of the book clearly explains the principles of child-initiated play and demonstrates how practitioners can create the best possible environment for very young children, also looking at the resources and practices that need to be in place for them to flourish. There is detailed guidance on the role of the practitioner, including how adults should observe children’s play, before deciding how – or if – to interact in that moment to ensure that each interaction moves learning forward and supports the child’s unique development. The second part of the book tracks some of the events from each month in the toddler room of an outstanding preschool, following a cohort of children through a year, to show how the setting moved from topic-based, adult-led activities to a fully child-led way of working.

Key features include:

  • Over 350 full colour photos to illustrate practice
  • Specific guidance on using the ‘in the moment’ approach with all children, including those with additional needs
  • Advice on working with parents, individual children and groups
  • Examples of individual learning journeys

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