Parent-Friendly Early Learning Limited Stock Available

Julie Powers

P/B • 255mm x 180mm • 136 pages
ISBN 9781929610624

Tips and Strategies for Working Well with Families

Parent-Friendly Early Learning will help you turn parent worries into warm, confident relationships.

You’ll learn how to:

• Improve parent-teacher communication
• Better understand a parent’s perspective
• Address a parent’s fears
• Develop and uphold policies
• Discuss child development
• Share information with parents

Written for beginning teachers and directors as well as seasoned professionals, this is the perfect resource for anyone genuinely interested in working with-not just for-parents. Detailed real-life scenarios in each chapter will help you create a climate of partnership, understand the background for each issue, avoid problems, and handle any conflict that does happen. The user-friendly format allows you to start with the issues that are most pressing to you.

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