The Parent Newsletter

Sylvia Reichel

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 112 Pages
ISBN 9781929610808

A Complete Guide for Early Childhood Professionals

This book shows how the least experienced writer can create a simple, interesting and effective newsletter. It covers areas such as identifying topics parents want to read about, turning ideas into informative articles, creating an appealing format, organizing, polishing and distributing the newsletter, working with deadlines and tight budgets.

Use this tool to communicate more effectively and strengthen your parent-provider relationship.

As a provider, you know that communicating with every parent, every day can be difficult. You also know that improving this communication is an important way to improve the care you give children. The parent newsletter can be a great tool to keep parents more informed and involved.

Written by a trusted educator with years of experience, The Parent Newsletter is a practical how-to guide that will steer you step-by-step through the process of creating and implementing a newsletter to parents. From advice on writing effective articles to design and layout suggestions to scheduling and distribution, this unique resource is designed for you. All you need are a few hours and a simple word-processing program.

Use your parent newsletter to:

• disseminate timely information that will be saved and referenced later
• offer in-depth information on pertinent early childhood topics
• clearly communicate changes in policies
• address recurring difficult situations without singling anyone out
• respond to parent questions and encourage dialogue and involvement
• give your program a higher profile in the community and market your business
• reinforce your centre philosophy.

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