Not Just a Babysitter

Julie Powers, Yvonne Pearson

P/B • 160 pages
ISBN 1929610750

Making Child Care Work for You (Redleaf Guides for Parents)

In an age of two-income households and 50-hour workweeks, today’s parents rely on professional childcare as never before. And while most parents understand that a daycare provider is much more than a glorified babysitter, they may struggle to make this important relationship more than a five-minute, twice-a-day interaction.

In a unique new series for parents of children in childcare, Not Just a Babysitter gives parents new ways to think about their relationships with their care provider and offers thoughtful strategies for partnering with them to create the most satisfying and rewarding experience for their child.

Written by a former childcare center director with years of experience working with small children, this practical resource gives parents a basis from which they can:

Develop a trusting relationship with their provider based on open communication
Understand and have input into how program policies affect their child
Contribute to an ongoing dialogue about everything from early learning to discipline
Tackle learning and behavior issues as a shared responsibility

Unlike any other book for parents, Not Just a Babysitter helps parents understand and benefit from the rich rewards high-quality childcare providers have to offer the children in their lives.

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