Making Links

Anne Stonehouse, Janet Gonzalez-Mena

P/B • 176mm x 245mm • 192 Pages
ISBN 9781876138165

A Collaborative Approach to Planning and Practice in Early Childhood Services

Endorsed by Early Childhood Australia

Written by two highly regarded early chilhood professionals, this collaborative approach focuses on what you need to know about children, how you translate that information into plans and practice in programs, and ways to engage parents in the process.

There are linking concepts that run through the entire book. They are:

  1. authentic experiences
  2. a broad approach to planning
  3. parents and children as partners with practitioners
  4. a positive image of the child
  5. discipline and guidance
  6. diversity and inclusion


About the Authors
Chapter 1: A Perspective on Curriculum
Chapter 2: The Adults in Children’s Experiences: Parents and Professionals in Collaboration
Chapter 3: Sources of Knowledge, Foundations for Practice
Chapter 4: What’s Worth Knowing About Each Child
Chapter 5: Gathering Information and Planning
Chapter 6: Action Based on Collaboration

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