Magic of Relaxation

Patrice Thomas

P/B • 210mm x 280mm • 96 Pages
ISBN 9781876138127

Tai Chi & Visualisation Exercises for Young Children

This book combines gentle exercises, progressive relaxation and visualisation techniques suitable for all children. Gentle exercises promote strength, flexibility, suppleness, coordination and good posture. Relaxation techniques teach children the value of stillness and how to enjoy being calm, quiet and inwardly reflective. Most importantly, relaxation and Tai Chi are non-competitive, nurturing techniques that children of all ages can enjoy.



Chapter 1: Transforming Stress in Young Children
How much daily relaxation time do your children need?Gentle exercises for body, mind, and spirit.
How relaxation helps children.
Ask yourself: How can I develop and ecology of relaxation in my life?

Chapter 2: Getting Started
How to begin.
The educators/parents role.
Structure of the relaxation session.
Managing children’s behaviour.
Helping parents to introduce relaxation techniques at home.

Chapter 3: Gentle Tai Chi Exercises
Warm up exercises.
Tai Chi movements.

Chapter 4: Relaxation and Visualisation
What is progressive relaxation exercise?
What is visualisation?
Ideas for spoken direction for a progressive relaxation exercise.

Chapter 5 Creative Expression
Building on relaxation exercises through the creative and expressive arts.

In conclusion.
Appendix: Some answers to questions and concerns.
Useful references.


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