Learning from Our Lives

Anna Neumann, Penelope L. Peterson

P/B • 15.88 x 1.27 x 23.5 cm • 261 pages
ISBN 0807735930

Eleven women who are eminent educational researchers speak out intimately in this work. From these autobiographical accounts, readers experience how research that emerges from diverse women’s lives shapes (and reshapes) educational knowledge and discourse. The book offers insights into how the field of education might change as women assume positions of intellectual leadership. The distinguished list of contributors includes Kathryn H. Au, Concha Delgado-Gaitan, Maxine Greene, Patricia J. Gumport, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Martha Montero-Sieburth, Anna Neumann, Nel Noddings, Penelope L. Peterson and Linda F. Winfield.

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