Bringing Yourself to Work

Michelle Seligson

P/B • 178mm x 253mm • 112 pages
ISBN 9780807744260

A Guide to Successful Development in After-School Programs

This groundbreaking professional development book will help directors and staff to create healthier learning environments for children and youth in after-school programs. The authors outline the support and skills staff need to increase self awareness, sustain healthy relationships, and improve group dynamics. Building on the latest research in emotional intelligence, relational theory, and group relations, this hands-on guide includes: advice for dealing with issues commonly faced by staff, such as learning how to respond to difficult situations with colleagues, children, and parents. “Next Step” activities to help staff successfully use the tools and practices suggested in this volume to enact change in their own settings. A “Self-Assessment Tool” and “Scoring Key” for analyzing individual self-awareness, the ability to relate to others, and an understanding of one’s role within a group setting. Stories that profile individuals as they build emotional intelligence and become more effective group members.

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