Intellectual Development

Ann Ramminger, Dave Riley, Joan Klinkner, Mary Carns

P/B • 215mm x 280mm • 160 Pages
ISBN 9781933653631

Connecting Science and Practice in Early Childhood Settings

Sorting blocks and singing nursery rhymes are a few of the common pastimes in early childhood programs, and though teachers encourage them, they may not know the reasons why. Research, however, does show that these activities promote intellectual development, and this book will help to explain “Why do we do what we do”. Intellectual Development explains the science behind early childhood practices that nurture intellectual development – and the shortcomings of others – in terms that are easy to understand.



Chapter 1: Why We Chant Nursery Rhymes: The Development of Language and Pre-reading Skills

Chapter 2: Why We Count While Jumping: The Development of Early Mathematical and Logical Thinking

Chapter 3: Why We Sing Throughout the Day: The Development of Musical Awareness

Chapter 4: Why We Scribble and Paint: The Development of Artistic Expression

Chapter 5: Why We Don’t Give Away the Right Answer: Cognitive Development

Chapter 6: Why We Do What We Do for Children’s Intellectual Development: Explaining Your Program Practices in Terms of State Early Learning Standards References


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