Cultivating Leadership in Schools

Gordon A. Donaldson

P/B • 1.27 x 15.24 x 22.23 cm • 170 pages
ISBN 0807740020

Connecting People, Purpose, and Practice

An excellent resource for aspiring and experienced instructional leaders, this popular text reveals a practical model of leadership for teacher leaders, principals, and school teams. It honors the working realities of schools and highlights interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and qualities essential to successful school leadership. This completely updated second edition features greater emphasis on how the roles of formal and informal teacher leaders and principals can complement one another in shaping strong leadership for a school, integration of current research and thinking to support the book’s relational model of leadership (e.g., relational trust, learning communities, and emotional intelligence), more graphic summaries to assist leadership teams, classes, and individual readers in applying the Three Stream Leadership Model to their own schools and work, and more illustrative examples showing the Model at work.

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