“Constructivist Leader, The”

Linda Lambert, Maxine Greene

P/B • 15.7 x 2.03 x 22.76 cm • 304 pages
ISBN 9780807742532

The Constructivist Leader provides educational leaders at all levels with a conceptual framework for leadership defined as reciprocal, purposeful learning in community. The updated Second Edition of this best-selling book enables readers to carry this constructivist vision and purpose forward, while effectively implementing standards-based reform, authentic assessment, and constructivist-based accountability. This new edition features: – An expanded theory of Constructivist Leadership reflecting the most recent thinking in leadership, learning, and ethical communities. – A comprehensive approach to issues of equity, diversity, and multiculturalism. – Additional strategies for the implementation of constructivist leadership practice. – Principles and examples to guide new approaches to accountability. – And much more!

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