BODYSONG Exploring Chidrens’s Natural World Through Creative Dance

Linley Boyle

128 pages
ISBN 9781876138530

The Bodysong Creative Dance approach highlights ideas and imagination. This book is an inspirational and practical guide for early childhood educators and dance teachers seeking to incorporate creative movement into their programs. Bodysong promotes an appreciation for the natural world by combining movement with art, music and drama, motivating children to explore their own capacity for dance and develop a variety of motor skills. Bodysong comprises 23 lessons inspired by nature, with themes including Beach, Animals, Rainforest and Seasons.

Each lesson includes:

  • A complete plan, from warm up exercises to a variety of movement and art activities
  • Beautiful photographs of the activities in action
  • Music, poems or artwork for each activity
  • Instructions for making and using simple props.

“This book will thrill you, provoke your thoughts and give you the liberty of freedom of exploration with the children you teach. I want to go from my desk and dance. I want to feel the space, be the space and imagine the delights
in what I might find, learn and become a part of … Linley Boyle puts music, movement, rhythm, rhyme and song together, whilst embracing the endless possibilities of the imagination. Bodysong is for you!”

Jane Bourne CEO The Gowrie (QLD) Inc.

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