A World of Difference #261

Carol Copple

P/B • 215mm x 275mm • 200 Pages
ISBN 9781928896098

Readings on Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society

How do we work with young children and their families in ways that are truly responsive to their differences and effective in combating bias? Over the years NAEYC has played a leading role in addressing this question and publishing significant works in the area of anti-bias, culturally responsive education.

Now we offer this collection of readings—from Young Children, NAEYC books, and other respected publications. They reflect the strong, continuing current of thoughtful work on teaching young children in a diverse society. Collectively they provide the current knowledge base as well as thought-provoking discussion on a wide range of issues—culture, language, religion, inclusion, socio-economic status, and more—with emphasis on building respect and understanding. Useful both as an independent resource or as collected readings to accompany other course materials.

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