Authentic Inclusions of Aboriginal Cultures

Catherine Lee, Les Bursill, Mary Jacobs, Peter Morgan

ISBN 9780987491107

Authentic Inclusions of Aboriginal Cultures was coauthored by Mary Jacobs Early Childhood Lecturer (TAFE), Les Bursill Aboriginal Knowledge Holder and Dharawal Elder, Catherine Lee Early Childhood Educator at The Point Preschool which has ‘a best practice’ reputation, and Peter Morgan Professional Musician and Educator.

‘This book has developed in me an awareness of the need for our young children to have a shared knowledge of this rich and unique Aboriginal culture. Not through a puzzle or a book but through meaningful interactions with Elders, staff, families and community. Children will learn through interactive hands on exploration and investigation on a daily basis, with guidance and permission from Aboriginal Elders and knowledge holders’.

‘I see this book as an invaluable resource, guiding educators, step by step, through each process of the journey which will both teach and inspire you to learn more’.
Susanne McGilivray- student now Educator

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